Her Friend Adam, by Ben Petrie

– by Wendy Morley –

Sorry for unavoidably missing a few, but the weekly feature is back with a disarmingly real story about jealousy, trust, honesty (with one’s partner and oneself), vulnerability, insight, hope and insecurity.

Boy, all that in a short. Does it work?

In one emphatic word: YES!

It’s clear from the first minute that the two halves of the couple are not in the same emotional place. The man, Robert, (played by the film’s writer, director and editor Ben Petrie) has a sense that this is the case, but doesn’t really want to believe it, mostly because he feels he’s managed to capture someone out of his league. The woman Liv (played by Grace Glowicki), is aware of her own feelings – or lack thereof – but for whatever reason is not dealing with this reality. As Robert finally admits his jealousy and insecurity, Liv goes on the offensive. (The best defense is a good offense.)

Meanwhile the Adam of the title (played by Andrew Chown), the focus of Robert’s jealousy, is at once not part of this dynamic and an integral part of it on multiple levels.

The film is often described as the man’s jealousy spiraling out of control in 16 minutes but I see it more as a man recognizing and reacting to his own highly precarious position, and forcing his partner to do the same. The result is inevitable.

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