6 Tips to Hosting a Clothing Swap Like a Pro!

– by Farah Merani – 

Clothing swaps are a fun and free way to update your wardrobe, spend quality time with friends and do something good for the environment. Not only are you refreshing your own closet, your unwanted items will get a new lease on life in someone else’s. As a bonus, it’s the perfect excuse to hang out with your besties. Here are some tips to make your clothing swap a success.

  • Consider who you’re inviting. Either opt for a group with women around the same size, giving everyone the opportunity to participate, or include a variety of different people, making sure there’s at least one match per size.
  • Too many different sizes/tastes among friends? Host an accessories swap, in which everyone can participate. Scarves, bags and jewelry are easily swappable, no matter your size, and are often forgotten when we clear out our wardrobes.
  • Setting some guidelines and rules is crucial, so everyone gets a fair chance at scoping out the goods. Having a locked start time is a great way of ensuring that everyone arrives on time and has equal opportunity.
  • Set a minimum number of pieces each swapper must bring, to create balance. It would be unfair if some people bring very few items and then take a ton with them. Picking numbers out of a hat is helpful in setting up a viewing and selection order. Then again, part of the fun is breaking all the rules and having a free for all!
  • One of the most important elements that will contribute to the success of your swap is to reinforce that all items brought must be in good condition and clean. Clean as in just laundered, recently dry-cleaned or never worn. There’s nothing worse than getting home with a new-for-you shirt and notice that there’s a makeup stain on the collar.
  • Make the most of the event by offering food and drink, but be sure to keep these things clear of the clothing and provide lots of napkins! Not everything will get taken, which is natural, so make a plan to donate the rest to a local charity or clothing drive. Most importantly, have fun mingling and wearing your newly acquired pieces!

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