6 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy at Brunch

– by Jennifer Enchin –


Everyone seems to be obsessed with brunch nowadays. Those mornings when you get to sleep in and then saunter over to your favorite breakfast spot for noon is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I’m talking fried eggs, buttery golden toast, stacks of buttermilk pancakes, strips of crispy bacon and pillowy home fries. I’m starting to drool just thinking about it. But while breakfast food is delicious, it’s not exactly “clean eating.” If you’re on a fitness kick or following a strict diet it may seem impossible to eat out at all, let alone eat brunch. Here are six hacks to keep it healthy while still enjoying the weekly brunch ritual.

  1. Order Your Eggs Poached

poachIf you’re ordering eggs, choose the poached option over methods like scrambled, sunny side up, over easy or omelette style. When you get your eggs poached, there is no oil or butter involved. The eggs are cracked and dropped in boiling water and cooked until the whites form a pocket around the yolk. This option is low in calories and tastes amazing!

  1. Say NO to Home Fries

Repeat after me: Don’t eat the mountain of home fries. While super tasty, home fries don’t have much to offer nutrition-wise. Plus they’re deep fried! You don’t need those greasy nuggets in your life. Sub out the home fries for more salad or fruit. Most restaurants will have a little bit of lettuce, tomato or fruit on the plate. Just ask for more of it!

  1. Get Juiced

juiceIf there is freshly squeezed juice on the menu, get it! The vitamins and minerals in juice are easily absorbed and will give you a boost in energy that is way more effective and long lasting than coffee.

  1. Toast to Your Advantage

This is an obvious one, but choose the whole wheat option when the server asks which kind of bread you would like. You’re getting way more fiber, vitamins and minerals than the plain white version. Choose the grainiest bread possible and get the most out of your meal.

  1. You’re Better Off Without the Butter

Skip the butter if you can. I’m sure it would be no problem for the kitchen to skip buttering your toast and sometimes they even put butter on the table; making it all up to you whether you will fall prey to butter’s charming ways. Instead of slathering on the fat, why not dip your toast in egg yolks or get an extra punch of protein by spreading on some peanut butter?

  1. Choose Bacon over Sausage
What? I can eat bacon?

What? I can eat bacon?

Wait a second, you’re telling me I should eat bacon? Isn’t bacon famous for being really unhealthy? Well it’s not the best food, but If you are choosing between bacon and sausage, choose bacon. Bacon has less saturated fat per gram than sausage, plus the bacon portion is usually smaller in volume than the sausage portion. Bonus points if you get your bacon extra crispy. This will make sure more fat is rendered off. Every little bit counts!

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