3 Ways to Stay Motivated

By Quincy Tejani

Okay, so you’ve made it to the gym and things are going great. Your lifts are going up, you’ve packed on some muscle and are feeling healthy and strong. But after a few months you notice that things are slowing down. The first few months of “noob gains” have ended and now adding five pounds to your bench is a real struggle. You’ve also noticed that straying from your strict bodybuilding diet is becoming more and more tempting. Your friends keep asking you to go to the bar and party with them, and it’s getting harder to say no. You, my friend, are having trouble staying motivated! It happens to the best of us and it has certainly happened to me. There have been plenty of times that I’ve wanted to say “screw it” and watch football rather than lugging my ass to the gym for another painful bench-pressing session. That being said, let me lay out a few ways to stay motivated through all of the temptation and laziness that will most tempt you throughout your fitness career.

Have a Role Model


Having a role model to look up to can help you stay focussed

My brother got me into fitness. In the old house we grew up in, he had “What is Guzman doing?” written on his bedroom wall. Youtube fitness star Christian Guzman is the person who inspired him to start training, and whenever he felt a lack of motivation he would ask himself that question—what would Guzman do. I have many role models whom I look to for inspiration and guidance. It’s nice to know that real people have made and continue to make the transformation that I am looking to accomplish.

Your role model doesn’t necessarily need to be someone famous–sometimes it’s better to have someone who you can actually talk to about your goals with who can inspire you. Maybe a friend or family member has been into fitness for a long time and can light a fire underneath you when you’re feeling lazy. Having someone you can look up to and idolize can really be a huge part of staying motivated.

Have a Workout Partner


Workout partners will push you to new heights

Having a workout partner is the ultimate way to make sure you make it to every single workout. When someone else is waiting for you at the gym and you don’t show, that is a big no-no. When no one else is relying on you, that snooze button calls you like a beacon, a couple more hours of sleep before work seems like the best idea. But a workout partner keeps you on schedule and ready. Not only that, but having a workout buddy can push you to have better workouts. Because it’s not only about getting to the gym, but also taking advantage of your time while you’re there. Having someone scream “Come on! You’ve got another three reps in you!” when your cranking out some overhead presses is what really brings you to the best workout you can have. I know for a fact that working out with my brother [who is younger and stronger than I am] has motivated me. I push myself to become as good as he is, because there’s no way I can be the older brother and not be as strong. Get yourself a workout buddy with similar goals to yourself and you will find success!

Have Other Interests

Make sure the gym doesn't completely take over you life. Have other interests

Make sure the gym doesn’t completely take over you life. Have other interests

If you’re like me, when you find something you like you really like it. When I began working out, that was all I wanted to talk about and all I wanted to think about. Although this can be beneficial to your success, you must keep in mind that fitness is a life long journey. It isn’t your life; it’s part of your life. You don’t want to obsess over something until it gets stale and boring. Having other hobbies and interests that you can focus on can help keep your gym time exciting and fresh. Besides, nobody wants to be one-dimensional. Unless all of your friends are gym rats as well, your friends and family might want to talk to you about more than just reps and sets. My advice is to not give up your other sports that you do or the clubs you are in to make time for the gym. Yes, you need enough time to achieve your fitness goals, but once you have that (which really doesn’t take that long), it is important to keep other things going on in your to keep your motivation up.

Keeping up your motivation is one of the most important components of being in shape. You cannot get or stay in good shape if you neglect your workouts or diet. To accomplish your goals, consistency and perseverance are the two most important factors. Following a few little tips means the difference between success and failure.

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