3 Reasons why HIIT Fitness is the Way Forward

by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur–


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Remember those old Buckley’s cough syrup commercials? Their slogan was something like “It tastes awful, and it works”. That’s exactly how I feel about HIIT or “High-Intensity Interval Training” workouts. Damn it are they ever painful to swallow but you just know after you’ve finished a really good HIIT training session that whatever you just put your body through is going to work.

So what is HIIT fitness anyway? Plainly said, it pretty much means that you do whatever exercise that you’re doing as hard as you can for a short amount of time and then take a very short break between sets. Be that running, biking or using the elliptical machine. Rather than, say, jogging for 30 minutes, you spend 10 minutes doing interval training in which you sprint for 45 seconds and then take a 15 second break. Rinse and repeat. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Well, if my description hasn’t encouraged you to start doing HIIT then here are some reasons why this particular type of training is extremely beneficial:

  1. You Burn More Calories
HIIT workouts are KEY to burning extra calories, fast.

HIIT workouts are KEY to burning extra calories, fast.

I mean, this might not be the only reason why people do cardio but it certainly is ONE of the reasons why people do it. HIIT training circuits are said to burn a lot more calories than if you’re simply jogging at a constant speed. Not to mention that your body will have no idea what the hell you’re going to hit it with next and this keeps it guessing throughout your entire workout.

2. You Can Get Out of the Gym Faster

According to Charlotte Hilton Andersen of Shape magazine, “Super-efficient HIIT is the ideal workout for a busy schedule.” This is because a normal HIIT fitness training session lasts a maximum 15-20 minutes. I can guarantee you that if you are running at full sprint for 45 second intervals you won’t be able to keep going for much longer than that. This means that all those excuses about not having enough time for the gym have to be thrown out the window. Couch potatoes, beware.

3. Health Benefits

Keep your doctor smiling. Start a HIIT workout program.

Keep your doctor smiling. Start a HIIT workout program.

Not only are there numerous physical benefits to starting a HIIT program but your heart and arteries are going to thank you for making the switch as well. Some studies have shown that HIIT workouts are not only safe for people with heart problems but are actually better than long moderate workouts (Remember to always check with your doctor before starting any fitness program). Show your heart how much you love it and start doing some serious intervals!

For more information on HIIT fitness and it’s benefits, check out Mark Jones’ hit book: HIIT: How to Lose Weight, Get Shredded Muscles and Improve Your Health


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