18 People Give Advice: What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?


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There is wisdom in age. Perhaps some of the younger people reading this will learn from the words of those who have been there and done that:

Richard, 50s: Learn that intuition is not particularly reliable (for anyone), especially if one believes the outcome will be positive. Pay attention in probability class the first time so you don’t have to learn it all over again to enable good critical thinking. Oh, and make time for fun; that’s important.

Travel and see the world

“Travel and see the world.”

Joe, 40s: Travel and see the world.

Barbara, 80s: Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks and does. You decide for your life, they decide for theirs. Who cares if two men marry, for example? What difference does it make to you, unless you’re one of them!

Lynn, 50s: Never be less than yourself.

Susan, 70s: Always remember the other is you. Whether that’s someone from a different country or different religion or maybe someone older and slower or disabled. We are all human.

"You are responsible for your own happiness."

“You are responsible for your own happiness.”

Marc, 60s: You are responsible for your own happiness.

Michael, 20s: You can’t please everyone, so please yourself.

Jo, 30s: Hindsight is a wonderful thing, right? My advise to myself would probably be quite superficial. All about valuing myself more, not worrying so much about what people might think, and comparing myself to others who I perceived as prettier or skinnier or having better hair! To be more confident and carefree. To grab the opportunities life presents and not to think too far ahead.

"Lay off the partying."

“Lay off the partying.”

Sherry, 30s: Lay off the partying and know that 30 comes fast! Ha ha!

Sarah, 40s: Time disappears quickly. Spend more of it on what’s important to you and with the people who are important to you. They disappear quickly too.

Rob, 60s: Pick your friends wisely. Read enlightening works of the great authors.

Joan, 80s: Have a goal, and work tirelessly toward it.

Jason, 30s: Use protection, always. As much as I love my son, my life did not take the course I’d planned.

"Make good choices."

“Make good choices.”

Ashif, 60s: Make good choices. Are your choices moving you forward or backward?

Lisa, 50s: Being kind and patient will pay you back in spades.

Stacy, 30s: Learn about yourself, who your true friends are and enjoy the moments of growth. My 20s were where I really discovered who I was and the path I wanted to take in life.

Carol, 50s: Start saving NOW. And appreciate your parents.

Rachel, 40s: Trust your own inner voice, not the voices of those “older and wiser.”